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How grocery items make their way to discounters.
Most grocery store chains move their food purchases from suppliers to their own distribution centers and then to their retail stores. Throughout this process, there are many different points where companies make purchasing and inventory control decisions in order to ensure they are minimizing their inventory and shipping costs, stocking only the most popular brands, and selling through their inventory ahead of “best use by” dates.
Given all the guesswork involved in the process, it’s no surprise that these major grocery stores occasionally realize they bought more units of a certain product than they probably should have—whether it was too many boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes or Nutella.
Other times, items become overstock because they go out-of-season, they get damaged at the warehouse, or the supplier re-designs the packaging and re-brands the goods.
However it happens, these extras become a wasted cost for the retailer and this cost must be offset by higher prices on the products we shoppers actually buy.
This is a problem for the grocery store and the consumer, right?
Right!  And this is where grocery remarketers come in. These outlets offer to buy the excess or sometimes lightly damaged inventory from the big grocery stores and suppliers at rock-bottom prices.
The sellers love the deal because the remarketers enable them to get rid of excess inventory, thereby reducing their losses. The remarketers love the deal because they can then sell the cheaply bought excess inventory to shoppers like us for extremely low prices and still make a profit!
That’s a win-win-win.

Hello All You Savvy Shoppers!  

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Teri and I am a Savvy Shopper. 

I have been shopping discount stores for over 16 years and always get a rush when I find the best deal.  When I recently left my corporate job, I knew I would have to cut costs so, I started shopping bargain outlet stores.  I found so many great deals that I created Savvy Shopper 4 U!

I know all too well in our ever changing world we all need to cut costs in every way possible.  SavvyShopper4U offers you the deeply discounted products you want and all my tricks and tips so you can be a Savvy Shopper too!

SavvyShopper4U is committed to helping consumers save money in many areas, including groceries, clothing, gifts and entertainment.  When I come upon all kinds of awesome product deals, I will now be making them available to you via the 'Deals' page.  New tips, tricks and savvy shopping strategies will be posted here on the Blog.  Subscribe for updates so you never miss a thing!

THE Savings Factor
SavvyShopper4U says , “The key to saving money on groceries is not changing the way you eat; it is changing the way you buy the food that you like.”  We share how “Bargain Shopping” is based on the following three factors.  

  • Know Prices – Become familiar with the price ranges for the items you buy most regularly. This knowledge helps you recognize a deal when the item is discounted, or when you have a coupon. 

  • Know Store Savings Programs – Each store has its own savings programs and policies. It’s up to you to educate yourself about stores’ savings programs and policies.

  • Know Coupons – If you are aware of the coupons you have they are like legal currency. But, if you lose them, forget they are there until they expire, or accidently trash them they’ve just slips of paper. Stephanie says you can make a serious impact on your grocery bill by knowing how to go directly to the coupon you need for any shopping trip.